HVAC systems are only as effective as your ability to control them. By investing in a durable and efficient thermostat the efficiency of your unit can increase substantially. Most thermostats are programmable and some provide the ease of adjustment from your smartphone. EE's HVAC will work with your preference to get the right thermostat installed or serviced for your needs and lifestyle.

Smart Thermostats


Smart thermostats, such as Nest or Ecobee, are Wi-Fi enabled devices that allow you to control your homes temperature and schedule from your smartphone or tablet anywhere. They are digital thermostats that help improve energy efficiency. These devices are simple and easy to use.

Programmable Thermostats


Programmable thermostats are ones that you can set a schedule for that will adjust the temperature throughout the day and night. These devices are digital and easy to operate and can be set on daily, work week and weekend, or 1 week schedules that can be manually overridden. Thermostats of this type save on energy costs up to 33%.

Manual Thermostats


These thermostats are typically found in older homes and unfortunately do not provide as much energy savings as their programmable and smart counterparts. They are simple devices with limited controls but can be effective it the controls are set appropriately and regularly once temperatures change.